vehicle laser sensor

vehicle laser sensor

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Model CET-K40HE Series CET-K60CM Series CET-K100CM Series
Overall dimensions Rear outlet: 136mm × 129 mm × 205.5mm; lower outlet :125mm×129mm×217mm
Bare metal weight <2kg
Suffix identification Lower outlet (– A); wide temperature (-W);RS232(-2);RS485(-4)
Laser wave 905nm
Laser grade Class 1 laser products, eye safe (IEC 60825 -1)
Operating voltage DC10 ~ 32V, recommended voltage: DC24V/DC12V
Starting current 2A @ DC24V Lidar side; 2.5A @ DC12V Lidar side
Heating power supply DC24V
Power consumption of the whole machine Typical ≤ 15W, heating ≤ 55W
Performance parameters
Angle range 270°
Scope of work 0.1-90m 0.1-100m0.1-100m 0.1-250m
Measure the distance 40m@10%;90m@90% 60m@10%;100m@90% 100m@10%;250m@90%
Transmit frequency 72K 36K 36K
Scanning frequency 12.5Hz/25Hz/50Hz/100Hz 12.5Hz/25/50Hz25/50Hz12.5/25/50Hz
Angular resolution 0.0625°/0.125°/0.25°/0.5° 0.125/0.25/0.5°0.125/0.25/0.5°
Laser divergence angle 6±1mrad 4*10±1mrad
Response time 90±20ms
Measurement accuracy ±30mm ±40mm ±50mm
Repeatability ±20mm ±20mm ±50mm
Number of sectors Obstacle avoidance: 16 groups × 4, target tracking: 16 + 16

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