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AI instruction

Based on the self-developed deep learning image algorithm development platform, the high-performance data flow chip technology and AI vision technology are integrated to ensure the accuracy of the algorithm; the system is mainly composed of an AI axle identifier and an AI axle identification host, which are used to identify the number of axles, Vehicle information such as axle type, single and twin tires.

system Features

1). accurate identification
Can accurately identify the number of vehicle axles, vehicle driving direction, axle type, tire type (single tire, twin tire)
2).Easy to install
No need to excavate road surface, no need to excavate drainage system, maintenance-free
When the foundation of the weighing platform is damaged and reconstructed or the floor scale needs to be relocated, the AI axle identification device can be reused, the migration is simple, and the installation is convenient
4).multi-point identification
One axle identification The machine can be connected to multiple axle identifications at the same time, and output multiple results at the same time

Technical index

Axle recognition rate Identification rate≥99.99%
Test speed 1-20km/h
SI Analog Voltage signal, switch quantity signal
Test Data Vehicle axle number(can’t distinguish the single, double)
Work voltage 5V DC
Work temperature -40~70C

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