Infrared Light Curtain

Infrared Light Curtain

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Sturdy construction
Self-diagnosis function
Anti-light interference

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LSE series1
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Vehicle separation light curtain

● Emitter and Receiver;
● Two pcs 5-core quick-disconnect cables;
● Temperature&humidity control set;
● Protected cover(Stainless steel with electrically assisted heating glass).

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Vehicle separation light curtain

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Vehicle separation light curtain

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Electric auxiliary heating glass

As an important part of the toll collection system by weight, the vehicle separation light curtain plays an important role. It provides the start and end signals of the detected vehicle through the synchronous scanning of the infrared beam to ensure the one-to-one relationship between the weighing detection data and the vehicle under inspection---Correspondence.

Functions and Features

Vehicle separation light curtain adopts infrared scanning vehicle separator. Infrared scanning can detect objects with a diameter greater than 25mm, and can reliably detect the hook of the trailer. The vehicle separation scanning mode is synchronous progressive scanning, which can resist the direct light of 4,0000lux light source at most, and completely eliminate all kinds of strong light interference. When the detection distance is 4.5m, the excess gain value reaches 25 times, and it can still work reliably in harsh environments, such as strong light interference, rain, snow, dense fog, and abnormal temperature.

The scanning time of each beam of light is 50 microseconds, and the system response time is less than 20ms; the transmitter and receiver are equipped with LEI status indicators according to the working unit (8 optical axes are one unit), which is convenient for installation and inspection of working status, and makes the installation easier. The time alignment is simple and intuitive, and the diagnostic status of the beam is also clear at a glance. For example, if there is mud blocking some beams, the corresponding indicator light will be always on.

When there are problems such as sludge, excessive dust, photocell failure, etc. on the emission and reception windows of the infrared light curtain, the product can automatically detect the failure, and ignore (shield) these problematic beams, still keep working normally, and output at the same time The alarm signal displays clear fault information through hardware and software (on the charging interface) to remind the customer to eliminate the cause of the fault as soon as possible. Once the cause of the fault is removed, the system will automatically return to the normal working state.

It can accurately separate the distance between two vehicles less than 100mm. Completely eliminate the phenomenon of car following, separate semi-trailers, full-trailers, and bicycles reliably, and ensure the one-to-one correspondence between weighing detection data and vehicles.

The special protective shell is made of cold-rolled matt stainless steel plate with a thickness of 2mm, and has a striking anti-collision reflective mark, which is guaranteed for life. Special electric auxiliary heating glass and temperature control and humidity control device can automatically heat the glass window in cold seasons to remove condensation, frost or fog on its surface. Specially designed outside door for easy maintenance.

Based on the particularity of use in the highway industry, when an ultra-wide vehicle enters, the vehicle will hit the vehicle separation light curtain due to driving reasons. The vehicle separation light curtain is a relatively expensive imported precision instrument, so it is very necessary to install an anti-collision gantry in advance. of. The light curtain guardrail produced by our company has been used in practice, and its firmness and safety have been well verified, and its appearance is beautiful, which can be selected by the owner.

Technical parameters

Vehicles separation distance is more than 20cm.
Reliability: 99.9% in sunny days; 99% in rainy,snowy or foggy weather.
Infrared grating tube: effective detection range 1.2 meters, beam spacing 25.4mm
Housing: 2mm stainless cover with anti-collision reflective signs;
Environment rating: IP67;
Installation height:1500mm~2000mm, Indicator light output(red) minimum height is 400mm;
Temperature :-40℃~+85℃;
Relative humidity:0~95%;
Vehicle separation minimum distance within 100mm;
Scan period: lower 1.5ms;
Scan mode: parallel and cross optional;
Electric heating range:3℃~49℃, electric humidity range:10%~90% R.;
Height: bottom is lower 400m, top is higher 1650mm;
Voltage: 16~30VDC,power consumption: 15W(max); electric heating system power consumption:200W(max);
Relative humidity:0~95%R.H;
Resistance:≤4Ω;Lightning protection grounding resistance


Product type LSA series safety light curtain
Supply voltage 24VDC±20%
Supply current ≤300mA
Consumption ≤5W
Delay on 2s
Detection distance As Model information
Space between optical axis 10mm\20mm\40mm\80mm
Effective aperture ±2.5@3m
Protection rate IEC IP65
Communication Mode Optical synchronous
Standard IEC 61496 standard, meet to Type4
IEC 61508, IEC62061, meet to SIL3
Work environment Tempreture:-25~50℃; Storage:-40℃~75℃;
Humidity: 15~95%RH; Anti-light interference: 10000Lux;
Vibration resistance: 5g, 10-55Hz(EN 60068-2-6);
Impact resistance: 10g, 16ms(EN 60068-2-29);
insulation resistance: >100MΩ;
Residual ripple voltage: 4.8Vpp;
High level: 10-30V DC: Low level: 0-2V DC

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