laser sensor

  • vehicle laser sensor

    vehicle laser sensor

    Model CET-1230HS Series Overall imensions Rear outgoing line: 130 × 102 × 157mm Lower outgoing line: 108 × 102 × 180mm Bare metal weight
  • LSD1xx Series Lidar manual

    LSD1xx Series Lidar manual

    Aluminum alloy casting shell, strong structure and light weight, easy for installation;
    Grade 1 laser is safe to people eyes;
    50Hz scanning frequency satisfy the high-speed detection demand;
    Internal integrated heater ensures the normal operation in low temperature;
    Self-diagnosis function ensures the normal operation of the laser radar;
    The longest detection range is up to 50 meters;
    The detection angle:190°;
    Dust filtering and anti-light interference, IP68, fit for outdoor use;
    Switching input function(LSD121A,LSD151A)
    Be independent of external light source and can keep good detection state at night;
    CE certificate