Non-contact axle identifier

Non-contact axle identifier

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Non-contact axle ident


The intelligent non-contact axle identification system automatically recognizes the number of axles passing through the vehicle through the vehicle axle detection sensors installed on both sides of the road, and gives the corresponding identification signal to the industrial computer; The design of the implementation plan of the freight loading supervision system such as entrance pre-inspection and fixed overrunning station; this system can accurately detect the number of axles and axle shapes of passing vehicles, thereby identifying the type of vehicles; it can be used alone or with other weighing systems , license plate automatic recognition system and other integrated applications to form a complete automatic vehicle detection system.

System Principle

The axle identification instrument is formed by a laser infrared sensor, a sensor sealing cover, and a relay signal processor. When the vehicle passes through the device, the laser infrared sensor can use the infrared laser to shoot according to the gap between the vehicle axle and the axle; the number of blocks is judged to represent the number of axles of the vehicle; the number of axles is converted to on-off by the repeater The signal is then output to related equipment. The sensors of the detection axle are installed on both sides of the road, and are not affected by tire extrusion, road deformation, and environmental influences such as rain, snow, fog, and low temperature; the equipment can work normally and stably, with reliable detection and long service life.

System performance

1).The number of axles of the vehicle can be detected and the vehicle can be positioned forward and backward;
2). Speed 1-20km/h;
3).The detection data is output through the analog voltage signal, and the repeater can be added to switch to the switch signal;
4).Power and signal output safety isolation design, strong anti-interference ability;
5).The laser infrared sensor has strong light gain and does not require physical synchronization;
6).Measured distance of laser infrared radiation (60-80 meters);
7).Single point, double point can be selected, double point fault tolerance mechanism is higher;

Technical index

Axle recognition rate Identification rate≥99.99%
Test speed 1-20km/h
SI Analog Voltage signal, switch quantity signal
Test Data Vehicle axle number(can’t distinguish the single, double)
Work voltage 5V DC
Work temperature -40~70C

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