Saw passive wireless parameters

Saw passive wireless parameters

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Using the principle of surface acoustic wave temperature measurement, the temperature information into electromagnetic wave frequency signal components. Temperature sensor is directly installed on the surface of the measured object temperature components, it is responsible for receiving the radio frequency signal, and return the radio signal with temperature information to the collector, when the temperature sensor works normally, it does not need external power supply such as battery, CT loop power supply. The signal field transmission between the temperature sensor and the temperature collector is realized by wireless electromagnetic waves.

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Collector transceiver antenna

The collector transceiver antenna transmits and receives the electromagnetic wave signal, completes the temperature acquisition.
Signal transmission of collector and temperature sensor. Used together with the temperature collector, Ann C is installed in the same compartment of the sensor, responsible for communication with the sensor antenna, complete the sending and receiving of excitation signal and sensor signal.

Saw passive wireless parameters (3)
Saw passive wireless parameters (2)
Plat Panel Antenna 1(left) Plat Panel antenna2(right)
Frequency range 422MHz--442MHz 423MHz--443MHz
Center Frequency 433MHz 433MHz
Maximum gain >3.5dBi >2.8dBi
Resident bobby <2.0 <2.0
Nominal impedance 50Ω 50Ω
Power range 50 W 50 w
Radiation direction In all directions In all directions
Appearance size 208*178*50mm 207*73*28mm
Temperature range ~40C~+85C ~40C~+85C
Joint mode SMA external thread bore SMA external thread bore
Connection feeder RG-174 2m RG-174 2m
Switch installation location Outlet room and other space is relatively full grid area Busbar room spec relatively narrow area

Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensor according to the way of installation, models are divided into: Tuning fork sensor, bundled sensor, self-locking fastening sensor for different environments. According to the temperature range ans installation location, can be divided into ordinary type and high temperature type, corresponding to the detection of bus bar, moving contact temperature. The movable contact mounting type sensor is fixed on the plum blossom contact finger of the mobile contact of the hand cart cabinet.

Saw passive wireless parameters (6)
Saw passive wireless parameters (5)

Temperature sensor(movable contact mounting type)

Main parameters

Sensor frequency 12 frequencies, 424 to 441 MHz
Temperature range 0C~180C
Measuring precision Main 1C(0~120C); Earth 2C(120~180C)
Temperature resolution 0.1C
Outline dimension Minimum:28.1*16.5mm No 8
Storage temperature ~25C~190C, Note: high temperature storage affects life

Size of sensor

Saw passive wireless parameters (7)

Temperature Collector

Saw passive wireless parameters (8)

The temperature collector produces the electromagnetic wave signal corresponding to the frequency of the temperature sensor. The electromagnet wave signal with temperature information returned by the temperature sensor is received and the temperature signal is analyzed and transmitted to the temperature measurement management device at the station end. The collector communicates with a group of sensors downlink and transmits RF pulse. The signal reflected by the sensors is processed in the well, and finally the effective temperature information is resolved.

Main parameters

Number of antenna 2
Number of sensors Max. 12 sensors per antenna, max. 24 sensors for 2 antennas
RF power Max. 11dBm(10mW)
RF frequency 424~441MHz
Communication interface RS485 bus/Nbit wireless/WIFI wireless options
Communication protocol MODBUS-RTU
Sampling frequency Min 1s, configurable
Power supply DC12V/0. 2A or DC5V/0.4A
Minimum size 98*88*38mm
Installation mode C45 rail clamping fixation

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