intellectual transportation systems(ITS)

smart transportation system. It effectively integrates advanced information technology, communication technology, sensing technology, control technology and computer technology into the entire transportation management system, and establishes a real-time real-time , Accurate and efficient integrated transportation and management system. Through the harmony and close cooperation of people, vehicles and roads, the efficiency of transportation can be improved, the traffic congestion can be alleviated, the traffic capacity of the road network can be improved, traffic accidents can be reduced, energy consumption can be reduced, and environmental pollution can be reduced.
Usually ITS consists of traffic information collection system, information processing and analysis system, and information release system.
1. Traffic information collection system: manual input, GPS vehicle navigation equipment, GPS navigation mobile phone, vehicle traffic electronic information card, CCTV camera, infrared radar detector, coil detector, optical detector
2. Information processing and analysis system: information server, expert system, GIS application system, manual decision-making
3. Information release system: Internet, mobile phone, vehicle terminal, broadcasting, roadside broadcasting, electronic information board, telephone service desk
The most widely used and mature area of ​​intelligent transportation system in the world is Japan, such as Japan’s VICS system is quite complete and mature. (We have previously published articles introducing the VICS system in Japan. Interested friends can check historical news or log in to the “Bailuyuan” website.) Secondly, it is also widely used in the United States, Europe and other regions.
ITS is a complex and comprehensive system, which can be divided into the following subsystems from the perspective of system composition: 1. Advanced Traffic Information Service System (ATIS) 2. Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) 3. Advanced Public Traffic System (APTS) 4. Advanced Vehicle Control System (AVCS) 5. Freight Management System 6. Electronic Toll Collection System (ETC) 7. Emergency Rescue System (EMS)

Post time: Apr-03-2022