Enviko signs strategic cooperation agreement with Brazilian Techmobi to jointly expand into new areas of smart transportation

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Recently, Brazilian Techmobi was invited to visit Enviko. The two parties had in-depth exchanges on weigh-in-motion technology and the development trends of the smart transportation industry, and finally signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

At the beginning of the meeting, a delegation of Brazilian customers came to the conference room of Enviko headquarters. The company's technical experts introduced the innovative technology and operational advantages of the dynamic weighing system to the customers, and conducted insightful discussions on hot issues such as the development trends and technological innovation of the intelligent transportation industry. The discussion deepened mutual understanding between the two parties.

Subsequently, Techmobi delegation toured Enviko's factory, with a particular focus on the quartz sensor production line, gaining further insight into Enviko's prowess in sensor technology.

After inspecting the operational status of Enviko's completed dynamic weighing stations, Techmobi expressed full recognition and satisfaction with the quality and performance of Enviko products..

In a friendly and warm atmosphere, the two parties finally signed a strategic cooperation agreement, officially opening a new chapter of going hand in hand. In the future, Enviko will give full play to its leading advantages in the fields of dynamic weighing and smart transportation, provide more innovative solutions to Brazilian customers, and jointly expand a new blue ocean of smart transportation.

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Post time: Mar-12-2024